Srefidensi Chess Festival 2015 in Paramaribo, Suriname

April 7, 2016

I’m being featured in the FORBES magazine!

April 7, 2016

24th birthday!

April 7, 2016
Visiting the Indonesian Embassy to Paramaribo
Yup, that is an edible chess set ;)

This is my first birthday in the U.S. and I’d like to praise the Lord for all the blessings He showered on me. I feel so grateful for being so welcomed and loved by my new families and friends here when I miss my own back in Indonesia, I know they’ve been so supportive and only hoping for the best for me. Special thanks to Susan Polgar for not only being a great coach for us in the Webster chess team, but also a perfect role model of hard work and dedication, Paul Truong for always devoting his time for our chess progression, Stephanie Berk for loving me as her own, and last but not least, Fedja Zulfic for making everything worthwhile. I can’t thank you guys enough 🙂

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